Deuter Attack 20 backpack

Time used, 1 Year   RRP, £200   Size, 50H 28W 22D cm   Volume, 20 litre   Weight, 1580g


  • Plenty of good size pockets, including waist pockets  
  • Well placed compressions straps
  • Very secure external helmet storage
  • Great colour, mine is orange but also available in black


  • Tool pocket is too small for a decent length pump
  • Fairly heavy on the price tag
  • No zip access to the lower section (meaning all kit has to be removed to access kit at bottom of the pack)  

Deuter YouTube promo video 

It essential as a mountain biker and as a mountain bike guide to have a decent rucksack.  A rucksack that fits in all your gear comfortably and that has a good selection of pockets and compartments to keep your kit organised. I like at least one separate pocket for tools and cruddy stuff and another dry clean pocket for clothes, food, first aid kit and emergency stuff, but the more the merrier.

Deuter Attack 20 rucksack
A small selection of guiding essentials

The Deuter Attack 20, which is the top dog in the Attach family hits the spot with its offerings and goes a lot further, but for the price tag, you would expect more than just a basic pack, right?

attack pack 1
The front tool pocket and soft lined phone pocket

The Attack boasts a fairly roomy tools pocket and a smaller, soft-lined phone/wallet pocket on the front of the pack.  The main compartment runs the full length of the bag and is a good size. On the waist belt, there are two zipped small pockets and on either side of the pack, there are elasticated bottle holders. Tucked away on the lower right-hand quarter is a fully waterproof pocket. In addition to the internal storage, the pack also offers a very secure external strapped helmet storage system.

Attack 20 rucksack
External helmet storage

The front tools pocket is separated into five smaller compartments of differing sizes, a shock pump holder and the obligatory key clip. The zip runs the full length of the pocket offering easy access to the whole compartment. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the pocket is long enough to fit a decent length pump in, I end up storing mine in the main compartment. The main compartment, as previously mentioned is a good size but is only accessible from a top zip. This means to access kit in the bottom of the pack you have to turf out all of your other kit, on a dry still day this is fine when it’s wet and windy, not so great.

Added extras

  • Removable back protection system
  • An integrated rain cover
  • Attachment flaps for pads/detachable full-face helmet holder
  • An ‘arched back’ system for a comfortable fit when in riding position
  • Reflective loop for a light


Overall a great pack. I have used it for long winter epics, multi-day guiding trips and as a general everyday rucksack and it has always been plenty roomy and not let me down.  It is not really suited to short/summer minimalistic rides, due to its size.

The arrangement and size of the pockets suit me, apart from the small issue of pump storage, I particularly like the pockets on the waist straps.

I have not yet used the back protection system, which does add a lot of weight to the pack, the rain cover or hydration system (a bladder is not supplied).

The pack feels comfortable on long days and when loaded and secure on fast techy descents.

Thanks for reading


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